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// Ambition. Reputation. Software. That’s what we do.

> For our first project, we worked for our beloved KBC community to create a centralized hub to access all career related resources and to book one-on-one meetings with experienced committee members to receive tailored advice.

Centralized resources catalog
Access exclusive events
Easy event registration

This project was meant to help our team grow. It allowed us to:

> Strengthen our work processes

> Apply our King’s Labs values and see their efficiency in action

> Gather as a team to achieve our first objective

Parents, students, tutors, classes, cancellations, rescheduling, payments, …

Listing the number of things tutoring companies need to manage can get quite long. That’s precisely why we built a solution for tutoring companies to manage the entirety of their business with a single, smartly automated system that includes:

  • A Discord Bot for tutors to interact with their classes and take on new clients.
  • A dashboard for administrators to manage it all, from onboarding new clients and having an optimized view of their business’s health, to reviewing requests to reschedule or cancel a class and managing their payroll.
Your business, at a glance.
The pay detailed for each tutor.
General pay view for efficient processing.
Manage requests whether rescheduling, cancellation, new client attribution, or class feedback.

This exciting new system already has a client and it is Enlighten Learning, a London-based tutoring company.

A consulting firm’s CV search platform, which encompasses a vast database of consultants’ information, including their personal details, education, work experience, areas of expertise, and the missions they have undertaken. Having a huge database necessitates a robust software solution to effectively harness all its data.

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We developed this software for our first international client, one of the leading consulting firms in the North African region, Ucotra Consulting.

// Management side

A functional dashboard with all key metrics at a glance.
Register a new mission for a client, with the ability to rate the assigned consultant’s performance at the end.
Manage the platform’s users and verify consultants’ profile changes.
The star of the show: a comprehensive search page with the ability to refine results to find the most suitable consultant for any mission.

// Consultant side

Easily edit and view your profile as a consultant, with functionality to add key details and upload CVs and other documents.

// About the client

With over two decades dedicated to consulting and accompanying companies in their major development projects, Ucotra Consulting is one of the North African leading consulting firms in Management.