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// Our greatest strength. Ambitious and talented individuals from diverse backgrounds

Powered by Values

Excellence is taking that extra-step above being good. We are excellent in all we do. Always.

Own your work. Successes are yours, celebrate them. Mistakes are yours, own them and have the courage to ask for help. We are a team.

Your work is crucial and your thoughts must be heard. Share blockers. Share ideas. Be part of the vision.

We do work we love. We gather for some good time. We are student leaders and enjoy your life as such.

// Founder and Principal

French. CS and Management @ Kings’s

// Marketing Manager

Turkish. International Management @ Kings’s

// Software Engineering Manager

Saudi. CS with AI @ Kings’s

// Project Manager

Turkish. International Management @ Kings’s

//Lead Engineer

Moroccan. CS and Management @ Kings’s

//Software Engineer

Italian. Digital Humanities @ Kings’s

//Software Engineer

Italian. CS @ Kings’s

//Software Engineer

English. CS with AI @ Kings’s

“I am thrilled to be part of a team where I will be able to learn a lot alongside people as ambitious as me.”