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// Satisfy your curiosity, no matter your passion.

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The TechTalk formula

Discussing societal issues with an expert of the field

Learning about a technical solution to this issue from an innovative company

Repeating with a new subject every month

= Surfing on your passions, networking with fantastic companies, and satisfying your curiosity all year long!

Meet your curiosity’s best friend

Discussing 1 issue in 1 specific field (e.g. electric vehicles in handling transports for a growing world population)

Hearing from 2 speakers, one with academic expertise in the field, and one presenting an innovative solution

> Professor/Academic expert of the field

Introduce the audience to the subject being discussed, present the issues faced and set the stage for the second speaker to discuss a solution and demonstrate its relevance.

> Company representative/Tech solution expert

Present their solution to curious students, paying particular attention to explaining how it addresses the issue being discussed and how it leverages technology to do so.